anm-starcage5-01The American Fainting Goat Organization “AFGO” is where all of our Playful Acres goats are registered. We chose them because of their values and beliefs about the breed. AFGO believes in keeping the old genetics alive. They strive to keep the look of the original Fainting Goats by only registering goats that match the breed standard. Too many breeders today are breeding away from the standards to get bigger and faster maturing goats. These “improved” goats don’t even have to faint to be registered. One registry states it is ok to never observe the goat to stiffen or faint, as long as they have other type traits. These other type of traits are NOT monitored either. All you have to do is look at some of these goats to see that they don’t even match the breed standard! Playful Acres suggest that as buyers you are very careful and make sure your goats match the standard.

There are also some registered by other registeries as percentages. AFGO wishes to maintain only purebred goats in their data base. They believe that the goats ability to faint is of upmost importance for the breed. This ability to faint is one of the reasons that made this bred so popular!

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