Agility Goats


animated-agility goat

These are NOT the best Pictures! I will have to get some new ones.

The first few pictures are of Elmo

First one is Elmo weaving in and out of the poles.


elmo agility

This picture is Elmo going over the jump! Thats tuff for a Fainting Goat and he never missed abeat. He never knocked it down.

elmo agility 2



Here is Elmo crossing the bridge.

elmo agility4

Elmo is going through the curtain of ribbons as he finishes the course

elmo agility 3

This is Yoyo coming through the Agility Course! Yoyo is jumping over the jump. He did great.

yo agility


Here he is going over the bridge. Yoyo loves agility.

yo agility 2


Yoyo is going throught he tunnel

yo agility 3