Kidding Dates/Gestation Calculator

We are already making plans for 2016/2017 !!!


Gestation Calculator is at the bottom of this page! Give it a try.

Plans may change as breeding season arrives.

We are going to bite the bullet and breed more does than normal to try to fill all of our orders. Babies sell quickly. I already have several people listed on our waiting list. Some babies will be retained here at Playful Acres as future replacement does or bucks. Please let us know what you are looking for. Call or text 936-201-0907 to be added to our waiting list. We still have room for a few more names.

Herd sires are shown below:


Aislinn Meadows Cowboy will be breed to the following:

Playful Acres Honey Bun (these babies may be retained) Due any day



Fridays Fainters Friday will be breed to the following:

Gowens JoJo (both from the Fridays Fainters herd) Currently developing nice bags.

Lickskillet Acres Elaine (from Fridays Fainters) Currently developing nice bags.



popcorn front

Playful Acres Popcorn will be breed to the following:

Playful Acres Niblet. She is just starting to bag up!


lucas side

Playful Acres Lucas will be breed to the following:

Graceland (a doeling will be retained) She is getting a nice bag.

degas side

Aislinn Meadows Degas will be breed to the following:

Playful Acres Rock N Lisa (bred on 9/20/16) Due on 2/17/17 IF bred




Brassring Dealer will be breed to the following:


Lickskillet Acres Freckles in the Pen with him now.

Brassring Willee’s Lauretta was breed in November. Not sure if she settled.

denim may show

Playful Acres Denim will be breed to the following:

Wells Molly but Im not sure if she settled.


capone 2

Wolf River Capone will be breed to the following:

Hot Chocolate  DUE Jan 10, 1917














Gestation Calculator

animated-gifs-goates-22Gestation Calculator

This is the only calculator that I have found that will do 145 days, 147 days, 150 days, or any other number you wish. Smaller goats tend to have dates closer to 145 days while bigger goats seems to use 150. Rarely do my does go to 155 days. My average is 147 in my herd.

Simple to use.

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Go to the blank under Date (NOT date format. The date format should always be the current date!)
  3. Put in date that the  doe was breed
  4. Go under days and change to 150 (the most commonly used number) or whatever number you wish.
  5. Hit Calculate
  6. The answer will be shown below