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Playful Acres “PFA” is home to one of the largest Fainting Goats herds in Texas. This count changes around kidding season; but on average we maintain around 100 head of Fainting Goats. Why so many? We keep high numbers to keep alot of diversity in our herd.  We are located in East Texas near the Louisiana border. We are proud to say that our herd is pure Fainting Goats. We have some of the oldest linage around and we strive to preserve these lines. All of our goats are historical correct and match the breed standard. We breed to ensure that the old linage stays strong and we believe that all Fainting Goats should “FAINT”. We call it Faint-Ability. This so called “faint” is muscular condition that the breed is born with. It is NOT neurological. We don’t make our goats faint, but allow them to do so naturally. The goats faint when they are excited or scared. They get really excited around feed time and bottle babies will often faint in anticipation of their bottle. This conditon is known as Myotonia. It is the reason why these goats became so popular. This condition prohibits them to do a lot of climbing and they can be easier to catch than other breeds. Fainting goats are a small/medium breed of goat. Historically Fainting Goats were 17″-25′ tall. Most of the does would be on the smaller end of the spectrum while the bucks would most likely make up the larger end of the spectrum. The one thing to remember is that they were NEVER a large breed. Through the years with good herd management and nutrition the breed has increased somewhat in size But even with that fact; the purebred Fainting Goat should never be a large goat. It is rare to find a purebred Fainting Goat over 27″-28″. A goat bigger than this is hiding some other influences from other breeds.

At some point in time breeders and others began to call the Fainting Goat breed by the name of Myotonics. This is because of the myotonic condition that they have. The problem is that over the years the Myotonic goats and the Fainting Goats have slowly taken different paths and have basicly become two different breeds due to the breeders breeding away from the standard (in order to get bigger goats) and/or cross breeding to increase the rate of maturation in order to be competitive in the market place and in some of the show arenas. This can be confusing to both new and old breeders. Do your research before purchasing your goats. Make sure they match the Fainting Goat standard. This will save you some grief later down the road.

We DO NOT raise Myotonic Goats. They don’t faint as well as the Fainting Goats! Myotonics DO NOT match the breed description of the Fainting Goats, however, of lack of education and the availability of information, you will find many breeders and even some registries that still call the m Fainting Goats. Myotonic goats are a larger breed often used as a  show goat that is setting the new standards for the Myotonic goats and are trying to be competitive as a commercial goat. (A copy of the Fainting Goat breed standard can be found on this website for your reference. It is the only photographic breed standard anywhere!)

All of our goats are registered the American Fainting Goat Organization. Read more about them at http://www.americanfaintinggoat.com

I have written several books about the Fainting Goat breed. They can be found at Amazon and a few other stores.

Past, Present and Future of the Fainting Goat contains a lot of information about the history of the breed. I interviewed several long time breeders before writing this book and those interviews are included in the book. Find it at Amazon.com

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The History of the Fainting Goat Breed is a short version of the book above but leaves out the interviews and cuts to the chase. Find it at Amazon.com

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Co Written with my daughter. It is picture book aimed at children. Lots of cute pictures and captions to go along with them. Julie did the photography throughout the book. Can be found at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Barns & Noble and Books-A-Million!

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Miracle the Mischievous Goat is a new children’s series about a little goat that can talk to humans.

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