Historical Articles

Many have ask me where I get my information about the Fainting Goat breed. In reality there is not too much information available. Most of my information has come from old historical newspaper articles that date back to the early 1900’s. Some of my information has been gathered through interviews with some of the oldest and more established Fainting Goat farms around. Sadly today I have seen some of your oldest breeders beginning to breed away from the standard to acquire goats that are bigger and will mature faster. In the beginning these breeders had nice quality traditional goats, but today have what is considered the Myotonic goats. They breed for bigger faster maturing goats to take to sales or markets because they weigh more and therefore will earn more money and are more in demand. I truly can understand that people need to make money to help with the cost of raising their animals. I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is these same breeders still claim to be preserving the breed! You can’t preserve the breed while at the same time you are breeding away from it to gain profit.

I have also found some of my information in text books. There is also a lot of good information on the internet, however, you must be careful because not all of it is true and can be very misleading.

I am sharing a few articles and some links to help you better understand the Fainting Goat breed. My hope is that after you read this page and do some research for yourself you will realize that the Fainting Goat breed has changed much over the past 100 years. Some of it is for the good and some of it is for the bad. Breeders breeding to “improve” the breed have almost lost the original breed of goats.

Older articles I will place first and then I will add some of the newer articles. I have also added some articles about other animal breeds that we can and should learn from. Articles telling bout other breeds almost being lost by breeders breeding away from the breed standards! I have also added some of my own opinions.