Like everything else we must have rules to follow. Our rules are for the saftey of our visitors and our animals.

  1. Children must be supervised by an adult in order to take a tour of Playful Acres.
  2. Children must have adult supervision at all Birthday Parties.
  3. Children and adults must use good hand hygiene during and after visitation to Playful Acres.
  4. If you want to pet an animal you MUST be seated first. The Playful Acres staff will help you with the animal that you wish to pet.
  5. If you are going to ride a horse; you must be on a leadline and you must wear a helmet.
  6. All parties should eat in the pavillion area only.
  7. If you open a gate; please make sure toclose it!
  8. Once you are in the barnyard for a party; you will be not be allowed to come and go inside or outside the fenced area. Everyone must stay together. We have a restroom and handwashing facility in the barnyard.
  9. We ask that children do not climb on the fences.