Sales Policy

We require 50% down on all goats. Final payment must be in cash or the check must clear before the animal leaves the farm.

If you are buying a baby we will wean them at 8-12 weeks of age. It depends on when they start eating good.

We band our buckling no sooner than 8 wks of age.

All goats are considered healthy at the time of departing. You may request a health certificate at your cost on any animal that you purchase.

We will ship goats at your cost. We will not be responsible for them after they leave our farm. Goats can acquire diseases during transport. This doesn’t happen often but it is the buyers decision.

We may refuse to sell any goat of our choice for any reason.

We will call the people on our waiting list first and then the goats will be placed for sale to the general public.

You must pick your goat up in an appropriate crate or trailer. We will not send them home in the back of a pick up without being crated.

You must be able to supply them with a shelter, good fencing, fresh water, feed and browse, veterinarian care when needed and most of all Love.